Spaces dont change with dual monitors

Love BetterSnapTool, but have run into an issue when using dual monitors...

If I want to move a window to a different space, the auto slide to a different space doesn't work. Auto slide works great with a single monitor and with dual monitors when I uncheck "Displays have separate Spaces" in Mission Control preferences:

Mac Specs:

Monitor config:
2 - ViewSonic VX3211-4k displays
Screenshot -  2021-12-13 14.31.04

Recreation Steps:

  1. Create more than one space on each monitor.
  2. Check "Displays have separate spaces" in Mission Control preferences. (See screenshot above)
  3. On the rightmost monitor, drag and hold an active window to the right, or left boundary of the right monitor.

Expected Result:
The space should "autoslide" to the next space on the rightmost monitor.

Actual Result:
Space remains on the current space and does not slide to the next space on the applicable monitor.

While the steps specify the rightmost monitor, it applies to both the left and right monitors.