"Snap to top left" width 50% height 100%


I'm enjoying this app very much.

Currently "Snap to top left" has width 50% height 50%
I need to get it width 50% height 100%
Same setting for "Snap to top right"

Is this possible without needing to create custom new snap area?

Thank you.

I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. If you don't need quarters, you can disable them:

When I drag a window to left or right corner it resizes to 50% width and 50% height.
This is the default behaviour.

I need the window to become 50% of the width of the screen and 100% of the height of the screen minus the menu bar.

I do not know how I can explain this differently.

I cannot upload images to show you.

I just noticed that I do not have the same preference window as you. I'm on Ventura.

Need to find advanced options

OK I get it now. All good.

I though that disabling a corner disable the snapping action.