Snap mouse cursor to active button

Migrating this question form a previous forum. Is there a way in Better Touch to have the mouse cursor automatically snap to an active button?

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unfortunately this is currently not possible in BTT (I looked into this a few times, but it's not easy do reliably)

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Thanks for the quick reply. Appreciated.

If you do know of another app that could do this please let me know.

Thanks again

SteerMouse has been allowing automatic moving of the cursor to the default button, the cancel button, the minimize button, the zoom button, or to size control [button?] for years, and quite reliably. I'm not a programmer, but experience suggests that if one programmer can figure it out, another should be able to as well. Not trying to be insulting here, just making an observation. Of course, there could be programming-related reasons for it being possible in one app and not possible in another.

I've been very satisfied with SteerMouse ( over the years. I'm only turning to BetterTouchTool because I am having issues while using Synergy ( to allow one Mac's mouse & keyboard to control another Mac on the same network. I suspect the issues are the result of a conflict between Synergy and SteerMouse. I'm hoping that replacing SteerMouse with BetterTouchTool will eliminate the issues. Sure do miss the automatic moving of the cursor, though.

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BTT has completely replace SteerMouse for me EXCEPT for this one feature. I'd love it if BTT could do such a trick. So handy, I miss it dearly! Just adding another up-vote after having tried to figure out how to created a trigger/event myself in BTT to do it.