Snap areas stop working when moving between home and office

My setup: I have the exact same primary monitor at my home and office, but I have different secondary and tertiary monitors.

When I move between home and office, the keyboard shortcuts for the snap areas on the identical monitors don't work.

What is the best workaround for this? Is there something in how BTT associates snap areas with the monitor that can be set to work on both monitors? Should I associate two actions assigned to the keys so that there is one for each monitor? Should I bet using different Presets when I move between setups?


unfortunately snap areas are bound to specific display setups. Because of this you would need to create a separate set of snap areas for your office setup.

I plan to improve this soon.

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Thanks. For anyone else looking for a workaround, I just set two triggers for each of my hotkeys, one for the snap area on each setup. Works just fine.