Snap Areas Question


I have been a BTT user for a while now, but have not tried to do customization of snap areas until now.

I just got a 38" ultrawide monitor and with it I switch between my windows computer and my mac.

On my windows computer, I use Display Fusion to allocate snap areas so that I utilize approximately 50% of the monitor space in the center for a primary window and then place a secondary window on either side which takes up 25% of the remaining monitor length to the right and left of that centered primary window. This roughly simulates the productivity of 3 monitors side by side.

To expand my windows to these snap areas, I just drag them to the top of my screen within a given boundary, release my mouse button, and they expand to fill that area in the sizing described above. As an alternative, I can double-click the title bar at the top of the window I am in and it will expand to fill that same pre-established boundary.

I hope this explains what I am trying to accomplish. Is there a way to do something similar (or better) with customized snap areas of BTT on my mac?

Google lead me here:

however when I go to Window Snapping > Custom Snap Areas, there does not appear to be any content.

You can use custom snap areas for this.

They can be created by clicking the BTT menubar icon => Snap Areas => Create New Snap Area.

Before doing that, move and resize a window manually to the position you would later like it to snap to. This will be used as a template.

Thanks! I now have it configured and working.

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg,

I am not seeing this option in the menubar dropdown anymore:

Is there a way to get to the old menu while clicking the menubar icon?

Big fan of cleaner design, hope the functionality and customizability stay there though! Love the app—been using it for a very long time now!