Snap Areas Disappearing, Area Invisibility Not Staying Enabled

Having an issue on my 16inch MBPtb on 10.15.4 beta (19E224g and earlier versions) with BetterSnapTool 1.9.3 (a beta from the forum that fixed the bug where we couldn't delete snap areas) where my snap areas will occasionally disappear. I have them set up for my 5k monitor+laptop in clamshell mode, my laptop screen only, and my laptop screen+monitor both open simultaneously. I've had all of my areas on the 5k+clamshell disappear and all of my areas on the laptop alone disappear through seemingly no action of my own. No resolution changes, etc, I just go to drag a window and all of a sudden there's no snap area. I think in both cases it's happened as soon as I entered the new screen arrangement, i.e. the second I connected to my 5k in clamshell those areas were gone immediately, as opposed to after I was using them for a bit.

I'm able to set them back up, but I can't pin down why this is happening.

Another problem I'm having with this beta is that invisibility doesn't always stay checked for areas—sometimes I go to drag a window and an area that was previously invisible is visible again. Can make a separate thread for this if necessary but I thought of it on the fly while writing this one.

Any thoughts on this one? Thanks in advance all!

I have the same issue. All but one of my snap areas disappeared. MBP 16" on Big Sur. Happened shortly after I made some snap areas invisible.