Smoothness and generally unperformant

So I just got the MBP 2019 15" and have been forced to adapt to the new touchbar (90% of touches are accidental). Am using the Vas3k preset which I really like.

One thing that's bothering me is the general performance/latency in comparison to the native stuff. One particular widget that really stands out is the volume slider which doesn't feel smooth at all. Is it normal/expected because the native volume slider is buttery smooth and it feels like the one I'm using here has about 50-100ms latency?

Using 250px wide, no triggers, volume slide widget.

If it's expected then I ask if it'll ever improve or how I can perhaps help contribute to improving it?

Also... guess unrelated but it seems like when my internet is sketchy the whole touchbar becomes unresponsive. I've a feeling it's related to the Vas3k weather plugin not able to resolve it's request?

sorry, I don't know much about that preset. Maybe try a different one, in general there is definitely no 100ms latency and performance issues because of internet connectivity could only be caused by custom scripts used.

I think the latency issues with Volume widget are unrelated. It's the "Volume Slider Widget" with no triggers. In fact if I grab it and move it left/right a couple of times then the whole touch bar becomes unresponsive and I have to restart it. I don't believe it's triggering any network requests as such.

It's still nowhere near as performant as the native volume slider.

The weather script in question runs every 1800 seconds (30min) so it can't be related. I would test it in isolation on it's own and record but the preset is set for All apps and I can't temporarily disable it without removing everything I think

is your computer using a lot of CPU for something? Apps like BTT will always have lower priority than the native stuff in that case.Maybe check in Activity Monitor.

You can disable the preset temporarily by clicking on the preset selector menu on the top right (new ui)

In general I recommended to use the BTT touchbar gestures for volume and brightness control, it feels pretty nice to just swipe across the bar.

Using no CPU really, it's at about 3% I guess. Using the MBP 2019 with 8 cores. I think it's just generally not as responsive as the native one and am not sure if it's a limitation?

I've uploaded a video showing the difference between volume slider and native one:

Didn't know about the gestures and they're awesome. Using 2-finger for Volume and 3-finger for Brightness now. Will definitely help with the 90% accidental clicks. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

This is the preset and where I found BTT:

Ah there seems to have been a change in macOS at some point that I didn't notice. The slider should be smooth again in v3.081 (currently uploading)

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Looks to work, thanks :slight_smile: I retract my comment about being only "alternative". It definitely is better and have already bought a licence.