Slow mouse movement does not move or resize windows

I use BetterSnapTool entirely for its modifier key window movement and resizing features. I've got it configured so that the Alt / opt key moves windows, and opt + ctrl resizes them. That works well enough with dramatically large cursor movements, but smaller mouse movements cause the cursor to slip relative to the window. If you move the cursor slowly enough, you can successfully move it to any arbitrary screen position without moving or resizing a window. This makes it difficult to make fine adjustments to window size and position using this feature.

I'm using BetterSnapTool v1.9.8. I got this from the Mac App Store, and I'm not sure how to switch to the alpha version.

I'm on a 2019 16" MacBook Pro, macOS Monterey 12.6.1.

I can reproduce this with the built-in keyboard or an external Bluetooth keyboard, with the built-in trackpad or an external Bluetooth mouse.

Thanks for reporting! There was indeed a rounding error that for slow mouse movements sometimes rounded the distance moved to 0. I have just fixed it and will include it in the next update (should be ready in the store in about a week)

It's funny how something like this can go unnoticed for such a long time - this bug has been there for > 10 years :wink:

Wow! That's a long time... It's a fantastic feature. People must just not know.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

Hello! I've bought a copy of BetterTouchTool since writing the above post, and while I can confirm the mouse tracking is greatly improved there, the fix still hasn't been applied to BetterSnapTool distributed on the Mac App Store.

I'm sorry, there have been a few delays - but I haven't forgotten about this. I'm currently preparing the new BetterSnapTool release.

No worries! I'd only mentioned it thinking it might be an accidental oversight.