Siri Remote won't 'click' & 'scroll'

Hey, wondering if anyone can help please?!?

I'm new to BTT and have been looking around at what's possible so I've setup my Siri Remote on my new 2020 MacBook Pro 13".

In my office I just wanted to use the remote as I would normally but when setting triggers to 'Toggle Siri Remote Mouse Control Mode On/Off' along with 'Left Click' it won't let me use them together.

By this I mean if I press and hold the menu button I can use the touchpad as the mouse BUT it won't then action the click when I, well, click it!! To be able to click on anything I need to press and hold the menu button again to disabled the touchpad.

Please can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong or is that just how it is?? I don't believe so as I first saw this in a YouTube video where the person seemed to do it seamlessly without having to disable the touchpad.

I know I can use taps instead of clicks but I'd prefer the physical button.