Siri Remote: Touchpad: Left/Right click causes multiple inputs

I'm just learning BTT (having used BST for years). I am trialling it as I need a PowerPoint remote control and I happen to have a spare Apple TV Siri Remote (black) to use. I have set-up a few useful buttons, eg press and hold Play to launch a PPT presentation (by sending a programmed keyboard shortcut). With default settings, I can tap the touchpad to go forward a slide but I can't get the remote to go back one slide at a time.

If I click the left side of the remote then the powerpoint does go backwards but over multiple sides at once, as if the remote is sending the back key command multiple times. I have tried applying the command <'left arrow' then 'no action'> to the Left Click but this hasn't helped. I have tried applying a command to Left Tap but this gesture doesn't seem to work at all.

I am unsure if toggling "Siri Remote mouse control" on/off will change the behaviour. If I do, I seem to be able to set more defined attributes to the touchpad taps/clicks. This may be the only solution. Is there a way to do this without having to turn the mouse control off, ie achieve the aim with native functionality?

Any advice/guidance would be appreciated.

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