Siri Remote 4k - x/y scrolling via trackpad?

Dear Andreas, I am eagerly looking for a way to enable/disable x/y scrolling via the siri remote 4k using the trackpad of the remote control. (i.e. instead of moving the mouse cursor, moving the scrolling bars). Any chance, you could implement this functionality? Best regards, Paul

Ideally a big scoll range could be catered for when allowing the user the lift the finger from the trackpad and repeatedly "swipe" in the same direction. (same behaviour as when 2-finger scrolling on a MacBook). With Siri remote this would be really great, since the size of the trackpad is rather small.

Kind regards, Paul

If you enable mouse mode on the siri remote, it will allow you to scroll by clicking the trackpad up/down. Does that help?

Oh yes, indeed, that helps. Tested it on a few image browsers now. Though the scrolling experience is faster and more intuitive when the scrolling would follow the finger movement on the touch pad, i.s.o. reacting on up/down/left/right.

What about "scrolling mode on/off" option, similar to the mouse mode on/off option?