Simply: A modest touch bar preset


A decluttered and accessible touch bar with quick access to frequently used controls.

No app-specific controls.
No confusing layouts.
No special key combinations to remember.
Simply, for everyday ease of use.

This touch bar is separated into 8 categories:
System, Dock, Applications, Shortcuts, BTT, Controls, Media and Date/Time.
The Global touch bar houses all of these elements in their respective groups, hidden away out of view until they're genuinely needed.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions! Tips and suggestions are also welcome. :blush:

Simply_v1.0.bttpreset (3.0 MB)

Global Touch Bar

1. Escape Key
Hold to Toggle Fullscreen. Be sure to disable BetterTouchTool's Escape key in the Touch Bar Settings.

2. Compact App Switcher Widget
Shows the currently active app.

3. System Shortcuts

  • Do Not Disturb Toggle
  • True Tone Toggle
  • Turn Off the Display
  • Sleep Mode
  • Lock Screen
  • Switch to Login Screen
  • Log Out
  • Bluetooth Toggle
  • Wi-Fi Toggle
  • Siri

4. Dock

Pretty self-explanatory. Shows your Dock through the Dock Widget.

5. App Shortcuts

Use the predefined action "Launch Application", to create your own personalised shortcuts.

6. Shortcuts

6. BetterTouchTool

  • Show BTT Preferences
  • Toggle BTT Touch Bar
  • Restart BTT
  • Quit BTT
  • Disable Keyboard
    Must have
  • Disable Touch Bar

7. Expanded Control Strip

8. Now Playing
Tap and hold the compact Now Playing widget from the Global touch bar to get access to expanded Now Playing controls.

  • Toggle Microphone Mute
  • Toggle Volume Mute
  • Connect to Gear IconX
  • Connect to Beats

You can also enable the button itself for quick access (comes in two coloured options).

  • Swipe Controls (Exclusive to the Global touch bar and Now Playing group)
    With one finger, swipe right/left to go to the previous/next song.

9. Date/Time & Quick Controls

Tap to swap between the compact Now Playing widget and brightness/volume controls.
Hold to Toggle BTT Touch Bar.

Nice one TonyH, only thing is when i hit the 3 dots it opens the sliders etc. and after that i cant get back whatsoever. Maybe you can make it possible with the esc button?

There should be a close button just between the app switcher widget and brightness slider. It might be because other elements are pushing the close button into the slider.

Be sure to disable these options:

Of course, you could also adjust the slider's width to fit your needs.

I have considered giving the escape key the function to close touch bar groups before, but I figured I wanted to keep the escape key accessible and functioning normally at all times, even when in touch bar groups.

Hope that helps!

Adjust the sliders to150 works fine now. Thanks.