Simple Windows Manager Web HTML Floating View Assist

So I'm currently using the Simple window manager preset web html floating view. When I right click the yellow button on safari I'm shown the option SWM_Floating_Window_Button or restore old window size. is it possible for when I right click the yellow button for the floating window manager to automatically appear as oppose to having to pick between these two options? I've uploaded a photo on the top left are what's shown

this means you have assigned two actions to the right click yellow window button:
• restore old window size AND

If you delete the "restore old window size" (in the named & other triggers tab in BTT) it should work.

I'm currently using aquatouch preset as my main preset, but I don't see anything in the other tabs that specifically says restore old window size , could It be named anything else?

For AquaTouch have a look in the window snapping folder:

thank you! It was in the window snapping folder, I was able to solve my problem