Simple one: Allow "custom context menu" to be offset


Fingers crossed that this is an easy-to-implement one, and that you will see the benefits:

Background: I use the Wacom pen to reduce strain on my wrists.
I have programmed one button to be scroll, and the second — well, ideally, it would be right click, but ALSO a menu with shortcuts.

Solution: Clicking the top button of the pen will (through Wacom settings) fire a keyboard shortcut.
That shortcut is set to invoke a "show custom context menu" command.
I have set the first menu item to a named trigger performing a Right Click.
(The rest of the menu will switch windows, cut, copy & paste, and more).

New problem: Since the menu appears to the right of the cursor, moving the cursor to select right click will also mean moving the cursor away from where I clicked (and thus wanted the right click to be).

Suggestion: Add an option to the "show custom context menu" configuration to "offset menu by... x: __ px, y: __ px" (or even simpler: just a checkbox for "center first choice under cursor position")

That way, I could perform a right click with my wacom pen (it takes two clicks but so be it) without sacrificing the context menu.

Fingers crossed you'll consider this!


PS. Is there any chance at all for adding functionality directly to the Wacom pen? While firing shortcuts is a good workaround, that means BTT can't tell the difference between click-down and clik-up, which would be great, or even press-and-hold (imagine a click on my pen button resulting in a right click, but if instead I held it for a moment the context menu appeared — how great wouldn't that be...?:slight_smile: