Silly question but it bothers me as ... ! ❤️

Hey Guys,

I haven't used BTT for several months, installed it on a new computer and ... I can't find what this icon is, suddenly appeared in the top bar on my mac.

Sorry for the stupid question (probably) but it bothers me so much! :slight_smile:


It's the golden chaos preset that brings this icon up.

But why?! :smile: nothing is happening after a click, no dropdown, nothing.

you need the latest BTT alpha version for it to work ( might need to reimport GoldenChaos)

Otherwise -I guess- you can hide this icon. Use the "Named & Other Triggers" in BTT so search for the menu bar icon, select it and use ⌘D to hide it.

I've got lates alpha - 3.393, and goldechaos imported.