silent about updates

I would like to see Better Touch Tool be completely silent about updates and never prompt the user about updates or pop up a dialog that says an update is available, when "Enable automatic update checking" is unchecked in the preferences. I prefer to check for updates manually when I decide to check.

Yes, BetterTouchTool interrupting my work regularly, just to advertise new features is a deal breaker. More than once my lecture was interrupted by blatant advertising that ignores all notification settings of Mac OS X, lets me walk to my computer, click something, and only then resume. I paid for a license and now I feel kind of sad. I will not (in good conscience) recommend BTT to any of my students or colleagues for fear of the same thing happening to them.

This has quite a few votes compared to many other feature requests. i would really like to see this happen.

Also, the same would be useful when the automatic updates option is Enabled.

I'd like an option to mute ANY kind of prompt, or progress window. It's kind of useless to me, even annoying. Why do I need to see how much MB is downloaded? I asked to do it automatically, just do it then!

I agree this feature doesn't seem to work as intended. @Andreas_Hegenberg how is the automatic update checkbox supposed to work?

I think BTT will be silent about updates when running these terminal commands while BTT is quit:

defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool SUAutomaticallyUpdate YES
defaults write com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool SUShowReleaseNotes NO

It's on my TODO list to add more options for silent updates to the UI.

Thanks. In this topic my intention was to uncheck "Enable automatic update checking" in the preferences, and by doing that it would not update and also not prompt me about updates at all. Completely silent and allow for no updates at all.