Show Window Switcher menu with long names

Some applications use full pathname for the window title. Then, all menu items are the same when multiple documents in the same folder are opened and the full path name is long, like /A/B/C/file1, /A/B/C/file2, etc, all are displayed as /A/B/C/ if length is /A/B/C/ is longer than the menu width. Can it be that an option is added that the menu items shown by "Show Window Switcher" show the last name? I.e., if the name is /A/B/C/file1 and full length of /A/B/C/file1 is too long to fit in a normal menu width, truncate the name to be .../C/file1, or like that. That way, I can distinguish files in the same directly. Now, all menu items are /A/B/C/, with this open, menu will be like /C/file1, /C/file2, /C/file3.
Thank you very much for this very useful tool.