Show Window Switcher for AllOpen Apps

"Show Window Switcher for AllOpen Apps", cannot show all windows. but the stable version before v4 can (the last name as v3).

It should even show more windows than before if you are running macOS Ventura.
Which macOS version are you currently on?

Thanks for fast reply. I am running the newest version. mac os Ventura 13.2; and my device info: macbook pro M1 Pro.

for the most Apps, keine problem. but for some specific, e.g., Matlab, the sub-window (not the main window) can not included in the "AllOpen" lists. cannot be found.

the stable version 3.952 (November, 25, 2022), works perty well. but the following 'alpha' version has the same 'bug'.

I attached 2 screenshots to explain it.


as shown in the screenshots. The app (named Matlab) is not reconginzed correctly.
It is running frontmost. but in the AllOpen list shows "running but no window".

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there is no follow-up solution