Show Text on Touch Bar


I'm a new BTT User and currently configuring my Touch Bar.
I've created some buttons, which trigger some bash scripts and other things in the background.

I'm searching a way, to show a text on the Touch Bar for some seconds, triggered from the scripts.
Is this possible? So if I have a button, which starts a web server, than should the script trigger the Touch Bar to show a message like "Started the server successfully" for some seconds and then change back to my default Touch Bar.

Best wishes


Seems pretty straight forward.

Can you check with script to see if server is running? If so, then return your text when running or not else start server and return "Server is running"

Can you explain a little bit more, please?

I have the Button and as action "Execute Terminal Command (Synchronous)" with command:

In this Bash Script it starts a database and the web server. How do I return to BTT?