Show open windows for current app

Sorry if this has been asked before but can't find it if it has.... (Newbie)

I'm using an application and would like to show the current open windows in the TouchBar (like it does for Safari)... Can anyone help with this?

With the preview? Probably not. The titles yes, but only using Apple Scripts that run every second in order to be fluid, which would be crazy for performance in my eyes.

IMO just do a four/three finger swipe down on the trackpad


Thanks.... so the three finger swipe would be the trigger... but what would the action be? I can't find shows open windows anywhere?


Would be happy with text... Window 1 / Window 2 / etc..... no other option besides the script that has to run every second

My screenshot was from macOS System Preferences, not BTT

Hopefully its useful!

Hi... ok thanks... a compromise but fine thanks...

Ideally it would be great to have a button for every open window (no need for graphics) in the touchbar which would make switching between windows a button push....

Thanks anyway

Once again, it could be done with apple script. But you'd need as many scripts as possibly open windows, and that would be kinda en overkill.

Possible workarounds

  • You could put them in a group though, that only updates when opened
  • Display them and do make them update only when they become visible (at the very beginning basically), and assign an action to ⌘N ⌘W and a click on the red button to update all the widgets, but it would miss some windows.