Show in any open Touch Bar Group, except

I'd like to be able to show a certain button/widget/… in every Touch Bar Group, except one or two.
Reason: if you use a widget to open up a Touch Bar Group the widget used to open it remains inside the group it fires up. Annoyance at its finest :smiley: Would be great if you could add this little trick @Andreas_Hegenberg - I use it in my "Dock", some Touch Bat groups with the most needed actions that will always be visible regarding less the CAGs or App Specific creations. And some of these groups are represented by a Widget :wink:
Having this would allow me to get rid of these buttons inside every Subgroup!
Dankeschön, stay safe you all :sneezing_face:

Alternatively: Allow Folders in Folders in the BTT Settings and do not show the initial Group inside each Subgroup :ok_hand:t4:

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I'm trying to do a similar thing, did you ever find a way to do this?

Nevermind, found a solution in case anyone else is interested:
Put the touch bar item in a conditional activation group, and use the condition "Active touch bar group" "is not" "Whatever group it should not appear in"
Obviously can be repeated for each group not to show the button in.

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