Show floating webview still updates in background

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Describe the bug
I have a keyboard shortcut that when I press it it shows a webview of my security camera.

It works brilliant, whenever I want a quick look at my security camera I press the keys and the live view is shown.

The problem is when I press the keys again and the webview disappears, it appears the webview carries on in the backround pulling the live view of my camera.

This therefore hammers my data. It took me a while to find out what was destroying my monthly allowance on my 4g dongle and I now find out it is this.

Everything is fine, but once i show the webview once it carries on until i kill and relaunch BTT.

Please can you have an option so that the link either isnt updated in the background, or lets you change the links to something else when in the background.

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Device information:

  • Type of Mac: Macbook Pro

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    3.261 (1438)

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I use tripmode to monitor my data, once i launch the webview i se the data usage fly up (as expected viewing a live webcam) but when i close the webview, the usage of BTT still whizzes away.

Only workaround is to kill BTT and relaunch

In the advanced settings for the webview you can choose "Do not cache", this will basically get rid of the webview as soon as it closes and reload it when it opens again.

Thank you ill give that a go

Please can you tell me if you know a way to show an rtsp stream in a floating window?

Id love to see my webcam.

e.g. rtsp://

Thank you for any help