Show Dock Icon while running

This may be a stupid question but can someone clarify what exactly this option means? Found in Preferences -> User Interface

  • Does this imply that the BTT Icon should show on the dock when I have the program open (to add a new trigger, for example)?

  • Or, that the BTT Icon should pop up / show on the dock when a trigger is activated (and then disappear)?

It is recommended that you restart after clicking this option but no matter what, the BTT Icon always pops up under running apps when I have it open.
Screen Shot 2020-06-23 at 01.20.24

Which is no problem but I'm just trying to understand the "normal" behavior of this option. Because it seems like it doesn't make a difference whether I have it checked or not.

Close the BTT window and the icon disappears from the dock - even. though all the BTT functions are reactive :wink:

Yes I understand - and this is great.

But what is supposed to happen with I uncheck this option - because I notice no difference.

Even after a restart? :wink:
Then the icon only appears if a BetterTouchTool window is open