Show BTT touchbar while Spotlight is active

Right now, I cant seem to get Better touch tool to show it's touchbar settings when spotlight is enabled.

This might be a system limitation, but i've tried digging into the system fiels for the and assigning a quick app launcher to spotlight, however it is not detected.

Many users use better touch tool as a "touch dock", but I prefer to have default app controls when there is no BTT TB setting applied, and so i thought of assigning this "touch dock" to appear when i call spotlight.

Basically, please find a way to show a BTT TB setting when spotlight is active.
(i would use this for a quick app launcher, e.g. calculator, stickies, screen record)

I've also tried to use Spotlight as a trigger for BTT, but I believe Spotlight is not a *.app executable but instead launched differently.

My use case is to create custom Spotlight searches through key sequence replacement similar to what is available on Chrome: How to add custom search engines to Chrome | Zapier.

I'm not a fan of Alfred, hence, it would be great to have this natively in Spotlight.