Shortcuts doing actions too quickly then disappearing

Hey guys,

New to macbook and also BTT. Trying to set it up and seeming to have problems with how quickly the actions take place? Like for example I input the action as "three finger tap" to open the control center then it just quickly shows it and disappears. For adding a new space to mission control I set it to "cmdS" and it just opens the mission control but doesn't add a new space/desktop then just returns to the screen.


use the predefined action „(async) delay next action“

where do I find that? apologies for not understanding what or where that is.

Ah sorry, I misunderstood your request. Three finger tap to open control center should work fine, same for adding a new space. Is it possible some other thing is interfering?
For three finger tap it's important to disable conflicting gestures in System Settings => Trackpad (e.g. Lookup & data detectors" => three finger tap.

it is working, like the actions i mean. However for control center, it shows up for like .5 seconds then disappears. is there a way to toggle that open/closed? And for the adding spaces, it just opens up mission control but doesn't ever add a new desktop for me.

Is the three finger tap disabled in System Settings => Trackpad? Otherwise that can lead to the 0.5 sec closing of control center

For some features BTT might need the screen recording permissions in addition to the accessibility permissions in System Settings => Security & Privacy

screen recording is enabled, as well as the disabling the three finger tap. still does the same.