Shortcut to Disable BTT (only) for "active" app?

I have the shortcut to disable BTT completely, but I cannot find the option to set a shortcut for an active app? Am I missing something or is this function not (yet) available? Thanks!

Disabling BTT for specific apps can be done using the app specific settings:

I know thanks, however I want to make it temporary and would like to have a shortcut for it, in order not to switch into the setting everytme I wand to activate / deactivte it. Would be great if that would be ossible in the future.

Ah I see. That should be possible to add!

Thank you so much!

Just to add a little bakcground info why I need this: Since there is no "trash bin" or confirm to delete in Omnifocus I disabled the "delete key" completley within Omnifocus. However sometimes I want to use the "delete key" like usual in Omnifocus, so I need to disable BTT completly. But I am loosing the other functions of BTT when I do this for other apps during this time. For that purpose a shortcut is very handy.