Shortcut Only Reactivates After Time Period in Ventura

I have been using the following shortcuts for years with no issues until recently:

  • shift + left click -> enter
  • shift + right click -> backspace

A couple days ago I upgraded to Ventura 13.5.1 and this problem started.

I was previously able to hold shift and repeatedly (right or left) click and the shortcut would activate every time. Now, if I shift + click once the shortcut will activate but if I shift + click again sooner than about half a second it just registers as a regular (left or right) click. If I wait longer than about half a second it WILL retrigger the shortcut.

The same behavior exists whether I press and hold shift the whole time, or if I do shift down, click, shift up, shift down, click, ...

Do you know what is causing this? How do I fix it?

Try updating to the latest BTT alpha version, this should already be fixed!

Thanks a lot. This worked.