Shortcut menu instead of trigger

I setup 5 finger force click for Nova to trigger Ctrl+Cmd+S. When test, the gesture does not trigger and instead I get a small black popup menu with 2 selections"

Shortcut: Ctrl+Cmd+S
Shortcut: (null)

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 15.35.49

This usually means you have a second 5 finger force click configured somewhere.

You were right. I found it and deleted it -- problem gone. The duplicate gesture was not tied to Nova specifically, but hidden away in a general folder.

Thanks you.

Actually sometimes it seems to me that BTT's internal data structures somehow get confused, mainly when fiddling a complicated trigger's actions, like moving around, copy-pasting, dragging it to an other app's triggers. I currently don't have such a trigger, because I delete them and rebuild them from scratch, but buggy behaviour definitely can happen.

When I will have time and I'll be "trigger happy" enough, I will try try to make a more detailed report. :slight_smile: