Shortcut for Snap Area

I wanted to assign a shortcut to a snap area. As shown here

But my settings look different. Is this feature in a different location?

ah in BTT it's a predefined action "Trigger Snap Area" - you can assign this to any trigger in BTT.

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Found it, thanks!

Can I assign a shortcut to the built-in/default snap areas? (the corners, top/down).
Workaround would be to create custom snap areas to "replace" the built-in ones, but I would prefer using the existing ones with shortcuts :wink:

Sure, they are all available as predefined actions

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Ah, missed that. Perfect, thanks :+1:

Me again (newbie)...
I'm using the action "Frontmost Windows in Quarters" in a shortcut. I have 2 monitors and I want to do this only on the monitor where the cursor is. Currently all Windows on all monitors are snapped to the corners.