Shift down and shift up toggle gesture

I am working with Max OSX Catalina, Magic TrackPad 2, and Photoshop CC 2020.
Is it possible to configure a gesture to toggle the shift key down/up?
I am able to do the Shift Down gesture but not toggle Shit Up. The Shift Down commits the shift key permanently to the down position. The only way to undo it is by quitting BTT.

I found.a workaround using tip tap gestures. TIp-tap left to shift key down and tip-tap right to shift key up. Is there a way to limit the tip tap shift gesture to only the application Photoshop?

I noticed that the tip-tap left shift key down affects all applications even tho it is assigned to only Photoshop in the left-hand sidebar. If I try to type on the chrome browser URL bar the text displays in upper case letters while the shift key on the keyboard is off.

I try the ti-tap with the option key down and tip-tap option key up.
When this gesture is used with Photoshop the entire OSX language changes to a non-English and non-readable character set. Restarting the computer fixes the issues.
Any suggestions to create a simple modifier key gesture toggle that only affects Photoshop?
The gesture is applied to the Photoshop application only in the left-hand sidebar. Not global

Here is the sample chapter set that results when using the tip-tap modifier key gesture with Photoshop in OSX Catalina. It would be useful if the tip-tap gesture was limited to Photoshop only