Sharing my entire touchbar design

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share my current touchbar design - most of the widgets are from various people around the BTT community (with a few exceptions), so all credit goes to the respective creators. This post is just intended to serve as design inspiration for the community.

The overall design is:

  • The right side, which contains the essentials, is shown in each group
  • The left side varies based on which application is open

The design:
The right side consists of buttons for the Philips Hue lights group, Google Translate, Emoji group, and a battery widget, current weather, button for utilities group, adjusting brightness, adjusting volume, and the current time (which also functions as a 'take screenshot' button).
The ESC button is always shown on the left.

No group:

Quit, Find, Settings, Keyboard light down, Keyboard light up, Current date


Quit (Cmd+W), New widget, Delete widget, Copy UUID, Hide/Show widget, Settings


Open Bear (note-taking app), Dock widget


Currently playing, Keyboard light down, Keyboard light up, Toggle bluetooth, Toggle Caffeine

Philips Hue:

Current light % (up/down), Light status for each room (pressing icon turns on/off), Temperature in rooms


Just the emoji-widget with frequently used emojis

Brightness/Volume adjustment:

This is shown when brightness or volume adjustment buttons are pressed


Find, Refresh, New tab, Next tab group, Previous tab group, Open Gmail in a new tab


Current video (time, length, and %), Current video title


Quit (Cmd+W), Shuffle, Repeat, Previous, Play/Pause, Next, Current track title


Previous (e.g. week or month), Go to now, Next, Select view (Day, Week, Month, Year)


Highlight, Next, Previous, Toggle left-side overview, A timer to let me know when the university lecture is over (:slight_smile:), and a toggle for a swiping gesture for previous or next image/slide.


Close window and open a new one, Same but with incognito mode, Quit, Find, Refresh, New Tab, Open Gmail, Current status of microphone


Quit (Cmd+W), Go to chats 1-5


Highlight, Bold text, Italics text, Underlined text, Undo, Redo


Quit, Bold text, Italics text, Underlined text, Notification center toggle

Draw IO:

Save, Duplicate element, Lock element, Show/Hide grid


Undo, Export as .png, Show/Hide grid, Toggle element attachment, Duplicate element


Custom Excel formula, Bold text, Italics text, Underlined text, Sum, Square, Sum Product


Set text alignment, Bold text, Italics text, Underlined text, Add new page


Find, Previous folder, Next folder, New finder window, Desktop, AirDrop, Downloads, Quit (Cmd+W)

Right now, I am not attaching a .bttpreset file to this post, as I am not the original author of many of the widgets and scripts used, and some of the widgets are not currently working as intended. When I have gotten them to work, and have made an overview of the original authors (as I want to credit the authors of the scripts that are not mine), I might attach a preset file.

That is about the extent of my current touchbar design. It is very much tailored to my specific workflow, but I hope that it can serve for some inspiration for the touchbar designs that you guys around the community create.

Have a good one - cheers!

super cool!! the word and excel functions definitely intrigue me. insanely clean looking too. definitely encourage you to share and will be excited for that!

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Glad to hear! Will be looking into it :slight_smile: