Shared Mac Keyboard stopped working

I access (Screen Share) my iMac via my Mac Book Air. Until yesterday, all has worked well but today, my shared computer (iMac) does not respond to BettertouchTool keyboard shortcuts nor can I set up any new shortcuts on the shared machine - the box for "Click to record shortcuts" will only accept characters but not CTRL, CMD or OPT (Alt).

Everything works well when I am physically working o my iMac.


I don't think there has been a change in BTT that could cause this.
Have you installed any other software?

Have you already tried to restart everything?

Thanks Andreas
I note that today’s Bettertouch Tool update has solved the problem of using CTRL on a shared machine.

However, your tech guys might want to look into the fact that whilst accessing a shared computer (iMac) trying to enter a Key Sequence does not work - OK on the iMac physical but not via a remote machine.

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