SF Icons on StreamDeck Changed with Ventura

After updating to Ventura, several of the SF icons I was using on my StreamDeck no longer work the same way

One example is

Which shows up as a black square now.

I can get it to appear normally only by changing from Monochrome to Custom Colour Palette

What has changed here?


ventura upgraded to sf symbols 3 - many icons have received multi color support. However I don’t know why it would affect the previous setup. I’ll check whether this can be solved

It's probably too late for you, but I just made some changes to 3.943 alpha which might workaround this issue.

Thanks! That has fixed some of them but broken others. The iPad icon at the top is fixed, but most of the ones below are missing elements.

I think I finally found what's wrong (and I think it's a bug in macOS). I think I was now able to get the old behavior back in 3.948 - would be great if you could try again.

It works!

Which is great, it's one of my favourite features.

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