Setting "Pinch In" trackpad gesture to "No Action" for Safari only works intermittently

Hi, I am trying to avoid Safari entering the "all tabs" view due to my accidentally triggering a pinch in gesture on my MBP's trackpad while performing two-finger scrolling.

So I added a "Pinch In" trigger for Safari to BTT, and set the action to "No Action". Unfortunately, that only seems to work about 50% of the time. So half the time, Safari ignores my pinch in gestures as I expect, but half the time it does not ignore it, and brings up the "all tabs" view.

This is on my 2018 MBP 15" running MacOS 10.14.6 and BTT version 3.206.

So performing a pinch out just prior to the pinch in increases the likelihood that Safari sees the pinch in (and triggers the all tabs view) even though I have BTT configured to do nothing as noted above.

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