Sequence of actions in nested loops

Hola. I'm trying to understand how loops work in BTT so I configured a simple trigger with these actions:

  • Start loop (2 repetitions)
  • Notificacion A
  • Start loop (2 repetitions)
  • Notification B
  • End Loop
  • Notification C
  • End Loop

I expected the notifications to show in this sequence: A B B C A B B C
But instead I'm getting this: A B B A B B C

How can I get a loop behavior like the one I'm expecting? Thanks in advance.

I think I have never really tried nested loops outside of BTT‘s scripting functions, so that’s probably a bug. I’ll have a look!

v4.548 alpha (uploading) should now support inner loops correctly

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That was very fast @Andreas_Hegenberg! :raised_hands: