Scroll / Swipe events freezing Safari on some sites

Safari freezing on endless scroll sites (including this site) if i have to scroll too much

Running latest alpha & latest monterey but it freezes was existed in big sur
macbook pro 2017

I thought it was safari extensions for a while but today i realized its related with BTT

freezes only happening on safari (also in tech preview) and webviews. there is no lag or choppiness in firefox or other apps

it was started before advanced conditions, i guess its related too many triggers for scrolling

same story on normal mouse scroll and trackpad swipes

here is video, lags increasing end of video and safari stops rendering content and fans spinning but no beach ball

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 03.23.58

scrolling and swipes turns normal if i disable them and restart BTT

Also i got somescrolling events for SWM but they are not causing same issue

Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 03.23.39


i have tried many different conditions but couldnt fixed this one

i guess problem is BTT checks trigger before condition

1-scroll event
2-condition (hovered_element_details CONTAINS "AXDockItem: ")

so BTT tries to filter every scroll event and it causes lag on scroll, also i see similar thing on middle click if i set too many triggers for it

i think conditional activation group is that for this type of problems
if i understand right i can get this filtering order with conditional activation group

1-condition (hovered_element_details CONTAINS "AXDockItem: ")
2-scroll event

but i cant get hovered ui element as condition

yep, unfortunately the performance requirements for getting a hovered element make it impossible to include in conditional activation group :slight_smile:

in my tests, advanced conditions > hovered_element_details CONTAINS "AXDockItem: " works much faster compared to old trigger while mouse over dock

can you add conditional activation group just for "is mouse dock", my preset Enhanced Dock is waiting for that :slight_smile: