We have the "Paste Item with format" option in BTT which is great.

Issue is I don't know the javascript required to change the color of selected text to for e.g., color = red.

( I'm thinking maybe it has this involved somehow :point_down:)

 function selectedText(){
      return document.getSelection();

Just can't figure it out :upside_down_face:

Unfortunately that's not easily doable right now.

You can easily change the color of the selected text by configuring the "Paste Item With Format" action like this:

However this will also replace all other font attributes (like size) to be formatted like in the BTT editor.

Currently I don't think there is a good way to only change the color. I'll think about a way to make this possible.

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No worries, it's not really something of top priority I guess. But it is something interesting.

Thank you for your response Hegenberg.

Edit: Thank you also for taking the time to show that little instruction image. Much appreciated. I can use this for some cases.