Script Execution and Distraction Blockers


I find BetterTouchTool indispensable in my daily life; can't use my Mac without it.
I find distraction blockers very useful when I am focusig on a deadline, and would like to find a way to keep using BTT but absent scripting functionality (so as to prevent it from being able to disable them). Essentially, I would prefer it if I could find a way to keep BetterTouchTool from executing AppleScripts or shell scripts. BetterTouchTool without BetterTouchToolAppleScriptRunner and BetterTouchToolShellScriptRunner is essentially what I'm looking for, but I don't want to mess around and break something. Please let me know if there's a simple way I can accomplish this. Or, even better, if there's a way to let BetterTouchTool run only scripts that do not require administrative permissions.