Screenshot Action with format option


I should have change a parameter because this action display a small window for format file options.

Therefore, I could make a screenshot directly.

What do I have to change ?


βŒ˜β‡§3 captures the whole screen.
βŒ˜β‡§4 captures a selected area.
βŒ˜β‡§6 captures the Touch Bar.
How are you triggering the screenshot? What is "this action" you are using (BTT tool the native macOS tool,....)?

I use "Capture Screenshot (configurable)" BTT predefined action

Not sure what you’re asking here, but if you want to make an instant screenshot with no file format selection stuff then use @Caliguvara’s keyboard shortcuts!

You can also try mapping those shortcuts into a BTT trigger if you wish.

I checked this out now that I'm back in front of my computer. But I don't figure out quite exactly what you mean. Could you make a screenshot of the phenomenon?

If the "small window" you are talking about looks like the attached image, than you can make it diaper by unchecking the box "Show interactive toolbar (Mojave and higher, allows video capture)" in the first pane of the screenshot tool.

Here are two screenshots.

The first one is from BTT and the second concern the pop-up window which appears when I do the action

Looks like BTT offers you two different names for the file, but I have no clue why (maybe @Andreas_Hegenberg knows where this comes from).
The easiest way would be to make a new action with your desired settings and if this one works delete the first one.

I deleted the gesture
then, I created the same action attached to "Corner Click Top Left" gesture
it worked well
then modify it and set Corner click bottom left
And I get the same problem

I just deleted an "empty gesture" with no action.

And then, the problem disappear.

It is ok to my side, but you should consider behavior of BTT if an "empty gesture" is set in the list.

Thanks for your work

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Nice that this worked out. May I allow myself, it would be really nice of you to change the Topic of you initial question from "Discussion & Questions" to "Bug Reports" in order to keep the categories clean and to catch attention for the bug :wink:

done :wink:

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