Screencasting with BTT

Hi there,

I am just in the process of creating automations to record screencasts. I am automating iShowU software, because it has a „retake“ feature which other screencasting software doesn't have. With ScreenFlow you have to stop the recording, discard the file and restart. With iShowU you can hit Shift-Command-R and it just restarts which is great.


In newer MacOS version the screencasting functionality is already very good. Just hit Shift-Command-5 and you can record the screen. But there is no retake functionality. I guess it would be possible to move the mouse around and click on everything, but since BTT already has great support for taking screenshots, recording video screencasts would be a nice feature to have.

There is the screencapture command line app which is supposed to be able to record the screen. What I haven't been able to do is use my USB mic with it. I can record the screen no problem on the command line with screencapture -v But if I try to use the -A "micname" it doesn't work.

Maybe BTT can offer an even easier way to record the screen?

If yes it would be awesome to able to

  • start a recording (with window and mic configurable)
  • stop recording and save
  • restart recording and discard recording without interaction
  • use timestamps in the files

Is this possible or realstic that BTT is going to get this?