Saving a general non-application specific window layout

Window layout functionality built now in BTT is an interesting feature, but it seems to be limited to the specific application window that was active when saving the layout.

Is it possible to get a more general feature that activates a certain window split considering maybe the last two active windows?

For example - i save a layout with one of the apps covering 1/3 of the space to the left and another covers 2/3 of the space to the right.

When i recall this window layout, it would get applied regardless of the windows/app names that were active when the layout was saved. It would just use the last 2 windows in focus.

Ideally i would be able to choose which windows, but i understand that might complicate the interface quite a bit.

This would mean that i am able to save general window layouts that are in line with how i work and recall them on any apps. This could even be an option tied to the current functionality - when saving remember or not the active windows at that time.