same sequence of actions 2 différents key sequences (names)

Hi all !!!

Is there a way to copy a long sequence of actions to a new key sequence ? In other words, i'd like to have basically the same sequence of actions with different key sequence to recall it. Let's say one would be R-B-C and the other one would be R-B-D. In the second one i could do the slight modification i need without having to enter all the action one by one.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Pascal from Montréal

So from what I hear you saying, you want to have two key sequences set up that each do slightly different things based on the sequence of keys you set.

There are two different ways you could go about this:

  1. Create one key sequence 'Trigger' with the first set of 'Actions'. Copy the entire 'Trigger' and simply rerecord the sequence for the new 'Trigger' with the slight variation in keys, and then edit the 'Actions' so that they contain the slightly different 'Actions' wanted for the second 'Trigger.
  2. You could create smaller 'Triggers' in the Automation and Named Other Triggers section that each have a step or two of the final list of actions. Then you could go to the Key Sequence section and create a new 'Trigger' with the text of the first command (i.e. 'R-B-C) and for the actions, you would just call all the Named Triggers that contain the list of actions for this sequence. Then you could make another new Key Sequence 'Trigger' and call the specific 'Named Triggers' that contain the actions for that different key sequence. This option is more modular because you have the opportunity to create a bunch of smaller action lists and then build them onto one another in whatever order, pattern, or context you want and use on any type of media from Key Sequences to Touch Bar Buttons to Trackpad clicks.

Creating the actual actions in the Automations and Named Other Triggers' section is a good practice because then you can call that 'Trigger and thus its actions' from anywhere. Whereas if you made the actions specifically in one type of media (key sequence section in this case), you could not then easily transfer that to another media (say you decided you want to activate those commands for a keyboard shortcut instead of a key sequence.)

Hope that makes sense. Let me know if you don't get it or you need some better explanation! Hope it works out well!

Got it !

Thanks a lot Eric !

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