Run script before BTT quits?

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg I love the "After Launching BTT" trigger. I created a helper swift app that I run when BTT is launched.

I'm wondering if you have a "Before BTT Quits" trigger as well? So I can quit my swift helper app. Currently I'm just listing to the NSWorkspace.didTerminateApplicationNotification in Swift and checking if the terminated app is BTT. Just wondering if there's a cleaner way to do this directly via BTT.

I think you can easily create a hotkey that quits both BTT and your app.

I didn't use this yet, but try the Named & Others Trigger "Specific App did Terminate". It sounds promising :wink:

Doesn’t work when the app is BTT itself! I tested.

Which is actually, at the second thought, quite logic x) thanks for the information, I didn't think about this :smiley: