RTMP stream in Webview. Is this possible.

I want to open w webview that shows my rtmp stream. E.g. rtmp://

I used to use webviews with an rtsp feed to show my cameras, but this no longer seems to work and I just get a spinning icon

Any help is appreciated.

Does this work in Safari?

In safari it tried to launch VLC

unfortunately it looks like Apple removed RTMP/RTSP support a few years ago from their webviews ;-(

I used to love having a shortcut key in BetterTouch which when I pressed it launched a few webviews showing my camera streams. Great when I was away from home.

If you can think of a way to get camera streams in webviews it would be amazing (please)

Thank You

AFAIK it would require a different stream format to make this work on current macOS versions. Apple nowadays only supports HLS, I think to make it work you would need to set up some server (maybe raspberry) that takes the input RTMP and converts it to HLS.