„restore old window position“

Is that just for me, or does this action no longer work.

„restore old window position“ (or similar)

(I have a German system: „Alte Fenstergrösse wiederherstellen“)

It no longer works with any trigger, shortcut, trackpad… :slightly_frowning_face:

That action hasn't been changed for years :slight_smile:, at least here it's still working fine.
However it only works for windows which had their size changed through the window resizing/snapping actions in BTT.

(e.g. after triggering "Maximize Window Right", then the old position/size can be restored)

Mh, is that so? I think I remember that it toggled between the last two window positions, no matter how the windows were adjusted…

I tried that, but not working: (e.g. after triggering "Maximize Window Right", then the old position/size can be restored)

Anyway, ist an action „toggle between the last two window positions“ possible?

That would probably require BTT to monitor & remember any position of any window at any time and then monitor all resizing events to be able to know the previous size.
I think it would be possible to implement something like this, but it would be a lot of work.

I see. No, then leave it. Too much work for a not so important function :grinning:

But: What if there was an action: "save the current window position"?

Then I do something with the Window and can go back to the saved position... BTT must just remember a position when I tell BTT to remember :grinning:

Maybe the "Save current window layout" and "Restore current window layout" actions work for you?
By default they save/restore all visible windows to their position, but I could add an option to only save the active window.

Yes, I know this action, but it does too much. Only "save the active window position" would be great. No hurry and thank you!

And may I kindly remind you of this:

"Ich werde aber demnächst erlauben Mausbereiche zu definieren die auch als "Trigger Bedingung" genutzt werden können. (Also z.B "wenn Maus in den rechtesten 5% des Bildschirms")"

That would be great :smiley:

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