Restart BTT Mac App every time I want to use the BTT remote.

Hi, I'm really sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I did have a browse through the forum but couldn't find the answer.
The BBT remote iOS app won't connect to my mac unless I re-start the BTT Mac Os app. I have to do this every time I want to the use the iphone app.
Macbook Air M1 Sonoma 14.5 (23F79)
iPhone 13 iOS 17.5.1
BTT mac version 4.537
BBT iphone 2.3.1

Yes, I've also found this to be the case, and did post something to the effect here a few months ago. I know that Andreas is working on a complete rewrite of BTT Remote, so we can hope that this particular bug might not be a problem anymore.

Thank you

it is easy, make triggered action , when you open lid or when your mac wakes up from sleep and make an action restart btt

and you wont have to do it manually

That sounds like good like a good idea. But I don't know what trigger actions are? Are you refer to MIDI triggers? I'm afraid I don't know what they are. I'm not very good on computers apart from the basics.

automations named triggers:
go to general and choose preferable work around for example when some app launches or when mac wakes from sleep , or you opened lid of your macbook (if thats what you use) or many others then in action type in search field restart and it will show restart btt

I'm going to frustrate you. Do you mean Mac Os - Settings - General - ...........

But there is no

"preferable work around" option.

i mean btt app where you configure everything for your needs

Thank you. I've done it now and it works :slightly_smiling_face: