Resolution Of Touch Bar Icons Degrades After Airplay

Description: The resolution of the icons on my touch bar degrades each time I airplay to an apple tv or connect to an external monitor. The only resolution is to restart BTT.

Before Starting Airplay:

After Stopping Airplay:

Device: 2019 MBP 13"
MacOS Version: 10.15.1
Affected Input Device: Touch Bar
BTT Version: Latest Alpha, 3.210

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Restart BTT to get a fresh load, notice that the icons are crisp and clear:
  2. Select a device to mirror screen airplay display to (Note: when airplay is enabled, the touch bar changes to the "Extend Desktop" / "Mirror Desktop" buttons)
  3. Stop airplay, notice that the icon resolution has degraded. Text is still sharp:
  4. Airplay once again, then stop, and notice that the icons degrade even further. This will continue to occur each time airplay is enabled.

Has anyone experienced this? I am surprised not as this is reproducible every time on my machine.