Reset clipboard after "insert text by pasting"

If I insert text via pasting, that text stays on the clipboard after the action runs. Would you consider resetting the clipboard to what it was prior to the action running? The action should clean up after itself IMO since the user didn't copy that, it was the program. This is especially useful if the user wants to paste what they had on the clipboard before running the action, after running the action.

Here's my use case:

I have a trigger that "adds a keyboard shortcut" to Google Docs via the following actions:

  1. Open Google Docs' help menu by triggering its keyboard shortcut
  2. Inserting the name of the Docs menu item I want to trigger into the help menu's search field
  3. Pressing Enter to select the menu item I wish to trigger

If possible, I would like to insert the text in step 2 by pasting, since it's faster than typing. When typing, I even have to put a delay between steps 2 and 3 for the Enter key to register. :disappointed:

However, if I use "insert via pasting", then I lose what I had on the clipboard prior to running the action. This is problematic because the Docs menu item that I am adding a keyboard shortcut for, is the "Insert a comment" menu item—I often copy something to paste it into a comment.

Ideally BTT would reset the clipboard after I run the action, so that I could paste what I had on the clipboard after running the action.

BTT does restore the previous clipboard content, however it waits a moment (~0.5s) before doing so due to pasting issues in various apps when resetting immediately.

Btw. if you use the "by typing" option you can make BTT send the enter key by adding a new line after the menu name.

Thanks for the quick reply @Andreas_Hegenberg !

I do not see this, even after waiting the delay. Here is a GIF and here's a screenshot of the trigger + action:

I'm not running any sort of clipboard manager other than BTT (and I don't even use that feature of BTT, I'm just pointing that out in case that code could still be active in some way).

I deleted a post here just now since I confused myself about repro steps, pardon. :slight_smile: My previous post about not seeing BTT restore the previous content, with the GIF, stands.