Requesting better Safari tools & universal media control

Is it possible to make safari tools that only show up on the BTT when you are on safari? Also I have A media player active but its always active even if anything is playing. How do I set it to only be active if something is playing?

  1. It is. Go to the "Named and Other triggers" section, create a new trigger "Specific App did Activate", enter Safari in its options. As action, say "Open Touch Ba group with name" and enter your Touch Bar group. Go back to the Touch Bar section, the "All Apps" tab. Hide your Touch Bar group there by selecting it and hitting ⌘D (it will hide it and show it only once you use Safari).
  2. Select the Now Playing Widget. On the right of the window, if "Widget Specific" is selected, you'll have an option "If paused". Select "Hide" there.