Request: string/ variable of key command written into the design field?


can I place a string/ codesnippet/ variable/ placeholder into any textfield (here: bright design) to visualize the used keycommand? And of course, if I change the key command, that this is updating automatically?


For what is this useful? Well, for brain memory of course. After a while I do not have to show up the floating window with this anymore, as I remember which key to press! :smiley:

Problem right now: I have to do that manually, which is quite a pain for >60 triggers plus I sometimes change key commands to make them more efficient. Then I have to re-do some again ... and again... That could be automated by BTT.

unfortunately I don't think there is a quick way to achieve this.
I'll think about whether I can somehow extend dynamic variables to be able to retrieve the triggering action, but right now I don't have a good idea

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What a pity! I would be very happy if you could find a solution. :blush: The more complex my BTT setup, the more important it is that I simply memorize some of the little helpers. Like Latin vocabulary... :grimacing:

I'll go one step further: The logical next step is not to squeeze this keyboard command into the small field as text, but to make it visible as a “mouse hoover”. That would complement to a powerful strong memorizing help.

Mouse hover tooltips will be available with the next version. I think I have an idea how to make this all work. Let's see, it'll take a few days.

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